Search Listening Spice Girls

Search listening and the Spice Girls – SearchLeeds 2019

With SearchLeeds being the North’s largest digital conference, it was the perfect place to shine a light on Search Listening™. 

Sophie Coley, one of our founders took to the stage on 20th June, 2019, to share exactly how it all works.

Search Listening™ is the process of understanding what an audience truly thinks, using the ultimate source of insight – search data – to access the unbiased, in-the-moment perspectives of millions of people. Think keyword insight that’s been supercharged.

It’s a new way to learn about audiences at scale, in minutes, to help marketers make better decisions in their strategic planning, content planning, campaign planning, reputation management and ongoing communications – to ultimately get better results for their organisations. 

Unlike social listening, this unbiased, rich source of audience insight is largely untapped and remains a blind spot for many brands. Sophie’s talk will give you and understanding of how to read the mind of consumers with a focus on the incredibly popular as one of the tools to support you in your quest.

You can watch the talk below and download the slides here.

The Spice Girls-themes presentation covered:

  • how Search Listening can uncover different insights at different stages of a purchase journey
  • how it can help you understand online tribalism
  • how spaces make for an awesome wildcard in Google
  • how ‘like’ searches help you to understand influence
  • how ‘for’ searches help you understand labels and build personas
  • how Search Listening can help you to understand and track changing sentiment or informational needs around a topic

To find out more about how Search Listening works, Sophie has also written a book on the subject, Consumer Insight in the Age of Google – specifically for marketers who plan content, gather audience insight, develop brands, work on product development, generate creative and beyond, this is one of a suite of courses and resources to continue your learning experience.