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Fed up of relying on customer insights you don’t believe in? Focus group results that don’t tell the full story? Questionnaire answers you don’t buy into? Then Search Listening is for you.

Learn how to use search data to reveal the truth about what your customers really think and do. Sign up to Search Listening's self-paced video courses and start making better business decisions. All taught by the people who created this new approach to customer research.

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Hundreds of thousands of people search online every minute, asking technology for answers to both their everyday needs and the most intimate of questions. As Seth Stephens-Davidowitz says,

‘…Google searches are the most important dataset ever collected on the human psyche.’

Search Listening will enable you to tap into this incredibly rich data source so that you can understand your audience’s true needs, motivations and behaviours.

We’ll work with you and show you how.

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eBook: Consumer Insight in The Age of Google

eBook: Search Listening for Consumer Insight in The Age of Google

Learn to easily generate powerful customer insight via Google searches.

Search Listening and the Customer Journey
Video Course

Search Listening and the Customer Journey

Enjoy 90 minutes of self paced learning to become an expert in Search Listening.

Answer The Public
Video Course

How to Master AnswerThePublic

Learn advanced search listening techniques and how to get killer insights from AnswerThePublic.

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