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Coronavirus stress reflected in searches: Is it safe ...

The outbreak of coronavirus worldwide is understandably causing real panic and concern amongst consumers and businesses….

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Searching on Computer
If you’re not checking AnswerThePublic every week y...

AnswerThePublic is most effective as an on-going monitoring tool, not just something that you turn to occasionally. Learn how to use it to monitor the success of your campaigns.

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Search listening vs social media listening

Or maybe search listening and social media listening would be a better title. Because they both…

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Searching for Brexit
Searching for Brexit – an update

Back in April I wrote a blog post which sought to explore what we could understand…

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How to use AnswerThePublic

We’ve been using since the very day it launched way back in 2014, so we’ve…

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Answer the public homepage
Answer your public with search listening

Over 200,000 people from all over the world use every month, for ongoing search monitoring,…

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Choosing the right search terms
How to choose the right seed terms in

The ongoing quality of what you put in to really dictates the ongoing quality of…

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The pros and cons of the research methods you’r...

To help you decide which customer research methods are right for you, we’ve created a helpful table showing you some of their pros and cons.

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Our go-to search listening tools

We’re often asked by brands about the Search Listening tools we use to provide search insights. So we’ve listed out some of our favs.

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