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Answer your public with search listening

Over 200,000 people from all over the world use every month, for ongoing search monitoring, keyword research, content ideas and they’re asking for so much more.

Due to demand we thought we should start answering our own public and have launched, the official education partner of, to do exactly that.

Every week the team are inundated with people asking questions, looking for deeper insight to make better marketing decisions. With the focus being on developing the tool and the technology to support the tens of thousands of reports that are run every day – there’s not been the headspace or capacity to answer all those questions. And it’s been a polite ‘no’ to all these requests.

Until now.

So, what is Search Listening™?

It’s the process of understanding what an audience truly thinks, using the ultimate source of insight – search data – to access the unbiased perspectives of millions of people. Here you can learn what customers really do, not what they say they do.

Search engines are modern day confession boxes. We all ask Google questions we wouldn’t even ask our partner or closest friends (have a think, what sentences have you typed in that you wouldn’t have uttered to anyone else?) these secret searches give us a unique ‘in the moment’ window into what people are thinking and feeling.

Because of this, it’s candid, honest insight, which makes it incredibly valuable. It brings a reduced potential for flawed data, it is less subjective to unreliable responses, which can happen in surveys, or the desire to project a certain image rather than reality, which is a risk with social data.

As such, Search Listening™ will help you to uncover untapped customer insight to give you a competitive advantage. It’s how you listen to what people want that will set you apart from the competition. Imagine what you’re missing out on if you don’t.

The team have worked with our founding Search Listening™ team; Sophie Coley, Nikki Gatenby and Louise Greeves for years, having all met at marketing agency Propellernet – working with clients from a multitude of sectors, uncovering previously untapped customer insight through ongoing monitoring of search data, leading to better decisions and better results.

Our Search Listening™ team are dedicated to sharing how anyone can use search listening to access truly candid customer insight. Take a look at the first course here, with the ‘How To Use AnswerThePublic’ video and handy infographic, as a taste of what’s to come. This is all part of the Search Listening™ online academy packed with courses, ebooks, free downloads, blog posts, talks and other resources to help you get the most from your customer insight. Some of the courses are paid for but there’s a whole bunch of really useful free stuff too.

Search Listening™ means that you’ll learn how to get even more out of, without having the overheads of us coming into your office to teach you in person. You can learn through the online training courses; however, you can also ask the team for face to face training or to create more bespoke customer insight for you using search data – it means we’re now officially taking briefs to do the work for you too. Make sure you sign up at to stay in the loop.

Whether you know exactly what you’re doing or have absolutely no idea where to start, we’ve launched Search Listening™ courses and resources for you to discover for yourself what your customers really want.  The insight will help you make better decisions, achieve better results, help your business and your career.

You’ll be amazed at what’s hiding in plain sight. You can see so much using  And now, will support you to grow in ways your customers of today and tomorrow will simply love.

All because they asked.