Video Course: Search Listening™ and the Customer Journey

Enjoy 90 minutes of self-paced learning to become an expert in how Search Listening works – you could nail it in one morning!

Search Listening’s Strategy Director, Sophie Coley, teaches you how Search Listening can bring new insights to your customer journey

Based on professional services consultancy, charged out at $15,000 when delivered face-to-face, in this course Search Listening’s strategy director, Sophie Coley, teaches you exactly what Search Listening is and how to use it across the customer journey to improve your marketing planning and business decisions

What will I get?

90 minutes of learning through theory and practical exercises so that you can apply immediate insights to your business.

  • 8 video lessons
  • 5 PDF downloads, including a free worksheet (worth $29)
  • Practical exercises to get you on your way
  • A summary of learnings to show you how you’re progressing

How will this course help me?

  • Find out what search listening is and why you can help your business
  • Learn practical search listening skills that you can use straight away
  • Map search data insights across your customer journey
  • Discover candid new audience insights

What’s the price?

Search Listening and the Customer Journey is available to buy with installments or through a single payment.

Want to pay with installments? You can buy the course for $537 by paying three installments of $179.

Want to make a single payment? Search Listening and the Customer Journey is available for a discounted price of $499 for those making a single payment.

All prices exclude VAT.

Course outline

Lesson one (19 mins): 

  • What is the customer journey? Sophie introduces the customer journey framework and explains each stage.
  • How do social media and search listening fit into it? Learn how social media and search listening can work together to give you a more complete understanding of your customers.

Lesson two (14 mins): 

  • Search Listening and practical triggers: Learn more about how search listening can reveal the practical trigger points on your customer journey.

Lesson three (7 mins):

  • Search Listening and emotional triggers: Find out how search listening can help you discover new emotional triggers that motivate your customers.

Lesson four (12 mins):

  • Search Listening and the awareness phase: Learn how search listening can help you identify your customer’s true problems and needs.

Lesson five (12 mins):

  • Search Listening and the consideration phase: Explore how search listening insights can give you a competitive advantage when customers are in the research and consideration stage of their journey.

Lesson six (6 mins):

  • Search Listening and the conversion phase: Learn how to use search listening to influence customer decisions and conversions.

Lesson seven (9 mins):

  • Search Listening, loyalty, advocacy and post-purchase search behaviour: Find out how search listening can provide valauble insights post-sale and how to layer these insights with feedback on social media for a fuller understanding of your customers.

Lesson eight (8 mins):

  • Putting it all together: A recap that walks you through how to apply everything that you’ve learnt in the course to your own business.